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Shamanic Studies

Caner, is a life time student and practitioner of shamanic energy medicine. Started his journey with Felis Kohen in 2016 and completed Circle of Life©, Circle of Medicine©, Circle of Guides, Circle of Advanced Guides of Medicine).

Now holding space for the Great Circle which consists of Circle of Life©, Circle of Medicine© as a guide of Urban Shamans Academy®. All rights are reserved.

Great Circle

The Great Circle is a circle designed with a holistic approach for people who step into the path with the intention of serving and deepening in knowledge and themselves. It includes the Circle of Life and the Circle of Medicine. While participants receive the knowledge of the Circle of Life and works on themselves, they also acquire the knowledge of the Circle of Medicine, deepening their work on themselves and being trained to acquire the ability to use the knowledge in the transformation journeys of others by giving private sessions. Both circles travel together at the same time in The Great Circle.

Circle of Life

The Circle of Life is our inner journey where we transform our own wounds and heal ourselves. It consists of 6 meetings: 4 main directions, 1 additional direction and 1 special workshop. Each direction has its own main wisdom, the element it represents, and its archetype. The South / Water direction focuses on root traumas, usually between the ages of 0-7, and its job is to remove the traces of our past from us. When it comes to the West / Fire direction, we focus more on adolescence, healing our genetic bonds, and nourishing ourselves from the light. In the space of Walking with Protection, which is the additional direction of the West direction, deep shadow works and confrontations are performed. In the North / Earth direction, we work with roles in our lives that are like our DNA, and with this we step into subconscious work. Additionally, we meet our destiny in the North direction, focus on our purpose, and take our place by the Fire of Life. Finally, in the East / Air direction, our main subject is surrender and staying connected and focused. We focus on the big picture as looking at life from above like an eagle. In the Circle of Life, directions are taken sequentially and the prerequisite for each direction is to have completed the previous direction and its works. The prerequisite for the Circle of Life is to have an individual session.

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Circle of Medicine

The Circle of Medicine is the school where those who have completed the Circle of Life and want to continue on this path are trained as Medicine Women and Medicine Men. Candidates are trained with great care and seriousness. It basically includes 4 main directions and many additional directions and special workshops. It consists of 11 meetings in total. In each direction / workshop, topics parallel to the circle of life are discussed and knowledge is deepened. At the same time, it is learned to turn the knowledge received into service and to give sessions.
During the training process, they gain experience, serve and increase their wisdom by giving free individual sessions under the name of "case study". It is expected that at least 12 sample studies will be completed per direction and these studies will be reported in a format to be directed to the student at the end of each direction.

As a result of the completed case studies, candidates take the exam and those who are successful begin to give individual sessions and hold space for other ceremonies they receive at the Circle of Medicine.
To become a student of Circle of Medicine, in addition to completing the Circle of Life, prospective students are expected to apply with a letter of intent stating their reasons for wanting to join the Circle of Medicine.

In the Great Circle, the Circle of Life and the Circle of Medicine are taken together.

Private Shamanic Sessions

Through our lives some of our experiences may leave a trace in our luminous energy field. In time those traces grow and express themselves sometimes via illnesses sometimes via repeating and disturbing situations. In private sessions we help you to transform those traces into a life source in sacred space and by your will.

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Munay-ki Workshops

Munay means sacred love in ancient quechua language and munay-ki is the energy of sacred love​. In munay-ki workshops 9 big shamanic rites and a dynamic meditation is taught you. Munay-ki workshops can be in private or in groups.

Despacho Ceremonies

Despachos are the most common tools of Qero shamans. It is simply a wish ​bundle that we give to mother earth for our appreciations. There are various types of Despachos for every situation. Despacho ceremony is included in the Circle of Life and the Great Circle. If you wish to have a seperate despacho ceremony it is a necessity to combine it with a private session.

Shamanic Architecture Workshops

Shamanic architecture is combination of interior architecture and sacred shamanic practice. We use shamanic medicine with an architectural glasses to transform and build our spiritual houses so we can direct our lives. By transforming what holds us back, we can attract what we desire and more light into our lives. Workshops can be in private or in groups.

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Shamanic Art Workshops

Shamanic art workshops are about expressing ourselves through art; paintings, drawings, sculptures or anything we can imagine. By a complete surrender we just witness the One and mother earth to transform us.

Workshops can be in private or in groups.

Space Cleaning

Like people, spaces can also be cleaned from heavy energies. This can be used before moving to a new place or while using that space with some arrangements.

*All studies can be remote or face to face. Please contact for corporate offers and more information.

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