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Shamanic Studies

Caner is a life time student and practitioner of shamanic energy medicine. Started his journey with Dona Felis (The Circle of Life© and The Advanced Medicine Wheel©) in 2016. Now expanding via inventing and enhancing "Shamanic architecture" and "Spirit art" as his own language, a reflection of his own soul. All rights are reserved.

  • Shamanic architecture sessions

Shamanic Architecture is simply a combination of shamanic studies and interior architecture. Sessions are based on cleaning and designing our soul houses.

  • Spirit art workshops

Spirit art workshops are about expressing ourselves through art; paintings, drawings, sculptures or anything we can imagine. By a complete surrender we just witness let holy one's and mother earth to transform us. Spirit drawings can be in private or groups.

  • Private shamanic sessions

Through our lives some of our experiences may leave a trace in our luminous energy field. In time those traces grow and express themselves sometimes via illnesses sometimes via repeating and disturbing situations. In private sessions we help you to transform those traces into a life source in sacred space and by your will.

  • Munay-ki workshops

Munay means sacred love in ancient quechua language and munay-ki is the energy of sacred love​. In munay-ki workshops 9 big shamanic rites and a dynamic meditation is taught you. Munay-ki workshops can be in private or groups.

  • Despacho ceremonies

Despachos are the most common tools of Laika shamans from Peru. It is simply a wish ​bundle that you give to mother earth.

*All studies can be remote or face to face. Please contact for corporate offers and more information.

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