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Circle of Life - Vita

Circle of Life©; is the sacred path of transformation.

The journey of living your life free and authentic rather than under affection of your wounds or fate. 

It gives us the chance to honor our own wisdom.


We create the world as we really desire far beyond our space.

I am glad to present you the Circle of Life©. This is a very powerful awareness, healing and transformation journey.


Circle of Life© can be taken online of face to face. It consists of 5 workshops including 4 main and 1 sub directions. Main directions are 4 days and sub-direction is 2 days. Between each workshop approximately 1,5 months are needed. This time period varies depending on the group. Circle of Life workshops are being held on online classes with Zoom app. For  accommodation and meals of face to face workshops you can communicate with the venue which the workshop will take place. 


It is needed to take a private session before the circle for preparing you to the journey. If you have taken a session a shot time ago, this precondition may not be necessary. All the details and contact information are at the end of the invitation letter. For new dates follow our instagram account.


Each trajectory we take along our journey is adorned with a path full of rich experiences and ceremonies that lead to a comprehensive understanding of how to honor and clear the barriers, patterns that prevent us from living our elemental life fully 100%.

In this way, via healing, our wounds become sources of power that nourish and inform us. This allows us to change the way we perceive our lives and the world.


Water is our first trajectory. In this first element, we learn about the sacred space and experience the radiant energy field. This is where we shed the past - we liken it to a snake peeling its skin. We strip everything that binds us to our personal history; We get our gifts and than we don't have to repeat experiencing the same things.

​ ​

“We create an opportunity to step outside of our personal history and into what we are becoming.”


In the element of fire, we learn tracking skills and the way the shaman sees through different perceptual states. We are freed from genetic, generational and karmic influences. We receive the gifts of our ancestors, then we untie any ties holding us back from our own journey so that we are no longer shaped by our past.

​ ​

We experience going beyond fear, releasing the lifelessness that dominates us little by little, and so we pass into the domination of vitality.

​ ​

“This is the place of the shining warrior who has no enemies, living in a world without predators, there is nothing left to defend.”


Earth is where we let go of the roles that bind us. In these studies, together with the releases made in the Water and Fire elements, we become free from everything that is holding us back from our spiritual journey. We are now ready to walk the path we are on and choose what we want in our life by answering the call of the spirit, rewriting the agreement of our soul.

​ ​

Through ceremonies we deepen our connection to these wisdom teachings, to healer women/men/our ancestors, to our timeless family tree.


Air is where we are the dreamers of our own world. We look at possibilities, not luck. We see how energy and intention create reality, and as we perceive the world. We realize that we create as we perceive. We take all of this teachings, our trackings, our awarenesses, our wisdom and bring it into our applied world, our family, our work, and our community.

Our Mesa:

We create a personal mesa (bundle of stones) throughout the healing circle. Three stones are brought for each direction and these turn into healing stones "the Kuyas". The Mesa is the physical symbol of your healing Circle of Life journey. With each workshop you will learn ways to use your mesa for healing and transformation in your life.

The Ancient healing way of Circle of Life:
If the essence of shamanic energy healing practice is studied in depth,

the job of medicine women and men is to balance the radiant energy field that keeps records or imprints of emotional and physical well-being and traumas that surround the human body.

Brief contents of Circle of Life:

  • It can help you gain an understanding of the sacred space, both personally and environmentally.

  • You will discover the human energy field, including the chakras, and you can apply cleaning procedures before a disease manifests itself in the body.

  • You can learn countermeasures that will help the body's ability to bring the nervous system out of combat and to heal.

  • You can discover the importance of the ceremony for better health.

  • You can experience the power of the spiritual journey.

"Tomorrow has always been today.."

Dona Felis Kohen

Urban Shamans Academy®

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