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Private Shamanic Sessions

Individual sessions are a compassionate way to live your life free.


We have our luminous energy fields around our physical bodies. Some of our experiences throughout our lives can leave traces in our energy field. These scars grow over time and begin to penetrate our physical body, and can sometimes express themselves with diseases, sometimes with repetitive and unchanging situations or events that disturb us.

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Life constantly puts us in situations where we can transform these traces and improve ourselves. The main goal here is living free. Because our fears and worries begin to restrict us after a while.  The decision to be better is always in your hands.

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Individual shamanic sessions, like circle of life workshops, allow us to pass through these thresholds, which life will eventually guide us, in a safer area, in a more compassionate way.

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In individual sessions, a special energy field specially prepared for you and we guide you to transform these traces into life energy with the power of your intention. Sessions are constructed in three phases as: initial talk, session and map talk. At initial talk we talk to clarify main case. During sessions a variety of ancient healing tools are applied according to clients case like illumination, underworld cleaning, soul retrieval, delivering of souls, past traces cleaning and trauma traces cleaning on luminous energy fields. Because of our tend to act as the past as we are used to, healing details are not shared with client. When the session is over, the new map and assignments are explained in the last map talk. The assignments, which will last for 21 days, are clarified together with the client. Every session is unique to a client and his/her issue.


"If there is something in your life that you really want to change, I am ready to be your witness and walk this path with you." CO


IMPORTANT NOTE: Sessions are held in absolute confidentiality. Alcohol consumption should be stopped at least 3 days before the session. Sessions cannot be performed in the use of substances such as drugs. In cases such as heart disease, respiratory failure, pregnancy, information must be given in advance, as the technique of session changes. Alcohol should not be consumed for 3 days after the session. For the 3-day shaman bath that will start that evening following the session; 3 handfuls of rock salt, 3 tea glasses of baking soda and sage oil (alternatively 3 handfuls of salt and white vinegar) should be kept ready.


Session duration is approximately 1 hour, session fee is 50 USD (or equivalent TL + Taxes %20 exc. international payments)

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