Night Life Experience Concepts

New experiences starting just before you have your first drink.


The Cell Club

Let's grab some drink in a human cell..

Themed interior design concepts just came from us..
You are the protein, your very self is the energy!
Stretched skin menus, glasses from bones and horns, bloody cocktails, biological documentaries...


Sports Pub

Please don't kick the ball to the screen!
I know it is tempting..
Support your team on the same ground they are playing.. or let's say artificial pitch.
Menu on a ball, seats in a bench, whole 3D sound atmosphere are just for you the be there without being there..

upside down

Upside Down Pub

Just when you headstand you will see everything is normal..
Sitting in the ceiling, mirrored menus, pants on torso waiters, you will want to sit on the ceiling..