Dining Experience Concepts

Let's change how we eat..


Primitive Restaurant

Raw food, raw themed interior design..
Eating in a primitive cave, on rough stone, moon light are healthy aren't they?

Harbour Restaurant

Harbour themed interior design..

What about having sea food in sea wehicles without getting wet and staying still?


Kitchen Restaurant

A restaurant made from kitchens..
Inviting your guest to a food show of yours without doing the dishes afterwards..
What about teaching your techniques to your friends?


Boring Restaurant

An industrial restaurant in industrial age..
Eating on assembly lines, no menu just one type of dish that chief decides, no music, eat&go..
Isn't that so boring to give it a try?


Chateau Steakhouse

Have you ever served by your butler?
A living-in-your-chateau experience..
Luxurious red carpets, brass details, reading corners near fire place..


Street Cafe

Let's say we collect all types of street food in a cafe..
You can have tacos over hot dogs on the same park bench even without being exposed to different climate..
Have you evet eat on asphalt road?..